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Change of Seasons
            Summer > Autumn

Two connected workshops:

during the SUMMER workshop we`ll dive deep

into the energy of light and sun

so during the AUTUMN workshop we can

harvest strenght, focus and orientation.  


Change of seasons is a way of nature telling us to smoothly release the old for establishing the space for the new. During the SUMMER we can power up with increased amounts of light and sun, to create space for harvesting strenght, focus and orientation in the AUTUMN.  

​        create space for 

Workshops are reccomended for you to integrate the wisdom you have gathered through the summer and transform any left shadows into a healthy, open space for autumn challenges at work, in school and personally.


We will open the space with channeled messages on current collective energies with Sabina ZP. and Žiga Lu of SUMMER and AUTUMN. On both workshops we will setlle into the energy of changing the seasons from the perspective of Gaia and align with our inner needs.

Participants who would like to work on your own topics will be able to dive into them with systemic work and channeled messages with Sabina ZP.

We will conclude each workshop with a soothing meditation with Žiga Lu.

You can join one or both workshop - follow the inner wisper of our heart, it knows best for you.

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SUMMER workshop will focus on grounding light and sun we created during this summer to empower ourselves for autumn challenges.

AUTUMN workshop will focus on 

strenght, focus  and orientation for our body, mind and soul to harvest our best during the coming autumn..

You will work with
Sabina ZP.


Sabina is practical and down to Earth person, combining business experience from private and public systems with strong intuitive capabilities as an intuitive, systemic facilitator, channeler and medium.

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Create space for harvest

APPLY to both and get a discount

You will work with
Žiga Lu


Žiga Lu is a spiritual light bringer with his positive energy and love. He transmits light codes and messages through meditations and channelings. His energy embraces you in an eternal loving hug.

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We work in a small group of up to 10 attendees so each group member has a chance to work on their own thematic.


3 hour live meeting  in a safe, cosy studio on Šivičeva 11 in Ljubljana. Dates:

* SUMMER workshop 10.9.2022 9-17h

* AUTUMN workshop 17.9.2022 9-17h


Comfortable clothes, yoga math and some lunch. Everything else will be provided at the venue.


* INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP - 150 EUR per workshop 

* PACKAGE DISCOUNT - 240 EUR for joining both workshops (120 EUR per workshop)

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