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Major collective energies


Universe is interlaced with 4 different types of energies, operating on several levels. They are constantly at work.


By raising individual and collective consciousness we are able to recognise and cooperate with them better and thus live a lighter life.



The World seems a chaotic and intense place lately. It feels like different people live in different realities, with little cooperation among them. These realities are enhanced multi-layered timelines. They encourage us to live a stable life in the here-now.

By resting in the depth of our eternal being, we are able to create from the level of our thoughts, relaxed in what is in each given moment.



Corona waves are part of a collective energy current that started with the Corona outbreak. They gave us the opportunity to redefine our relationships on an individual as well as on a collective level. So far, six Corona waves have been identified for the period from late 2019 to early 2023. #1 WAVE FOCUS: Relation with ourselves OPPORTUNITIES: Reevaluation of our lives, gaining clarity on our connection with ourselves, our role on Earth, and experiencing the stillness of life in connection with the first lockdowns. #2 WAVE FOCUS: Relation with others OPPORTUNITIES: Recognizing triggers we have with others, understanding that others are reflections of ourselves, and balancing relationships with close ones. #3 WAVE FOCUS: Relation with the collective OPPORTUNITIES: Understanding our immersion in collective systems, uncovering connections with various systems, particularly our business role, and recognizing triggers within those systems. Understanding the larger role and interconnectedness of systems. #4 WAVE FOCUS: Relation with ancestors OPPORTUNITIES: Understanding our biological lineage from our fathers and mothers, recognizing the inherited gifts and challenges, identifying and releasing inherited patterns, and developing respect for the sacrifices and joys of our ancestors, shaping us into who we are biologically and energetically today. #5 WAVE FOCUS: Relation with ourselves through space-time (karmic-dharmic wave) OPPORTUNITIES: Revisiting the four waves mentioned above by remembering glimpses of who we were and what we experienced across space-time, bringing wisdom from other timelines and dimensions into our current existence. #6 WAVE FOCUS: Stillness OPPORTUNITIES: Fully connecting with the planet Earth and each other, embracing the consciousness of trees, and experiencing profound stillness.



Stability in our inner being enables us to relax in what is in each given moment. From our core stability, we can feel the timelines, yet we don't get shaken by the events within them, nor do we get rattled when we switch between them. With stability, we smoothly transition from one reality to another, experiencing them without becoming entangled. This way, we can cooperate from within and expand into larger systems: family systems, different collective systems (business, educational, financial, governmental, etc.), global and universal systems. It promotes cooperation with systems while allowing us to taste the freedom of choosing the most suitable timeline in a given moment and changing it in the next moment if needed. On the outside, nothing seems stable; everything is in constant flux. However, by radiating inner stability, we connect with the same frequencies in the collective systems and manage to live a stable life amidst times of change.



Lately, we have observed the rollout of innovations on a massive scale in areas such as health (mRNA technology), food (insects in human and animal diets), digital (5G, 15-minute cities), and social (gender fluidity, sexual education for kids). These changes influence human cells with yet unknown results and, consequently, affect human society from its core outward. The horizontal level of enhanced timelines gathers these changes and their users into clusters, creating unique and unpredictable timelines where the full extent of technology and societal change is yet to unfold.



We focused a lot on our exterior lives so far: our looks, cars, houses, positions in society etc. We have been competing with ourselves and with eachother for centuries. A while ago cooperation energetically prevailed over competition. The energy of cooperation is synchronising our awareness of space and time as one dimension: space-time.



So far we have been living in the awareness of the first three dimensions of space, with a separated awareness of the fourth dimension - time. We achieved significant technological development under such agreement, focused on competition, productivity and hierarchy. We damaged our human selves and the planet Earth in this era, so a faster step towards the awareness of the fifth dimension is needed.



The awareness of the dimension of time is an accelerated, demanding to be strongly connected to our core being. It requires constant alignment with who we are and what is our purpose. There is less time to over analyse and overthink, and to cave ourselves in a single emotion. The new speed brings action as a response to what is emerging within from moment to moment. We will unlearn to respond on the happenings outside (react), and learn to act in accordance with what is moving inside. Reacting placed us within the current society, gave us a position and a status, but it rarely allowed us to developed our empathy. The new fastness needs empathy and resonance with our true being to prepare us for the fifth dimension.



Human brain is currently set to perceive space and time as two separated dimensions. Although remaining still in one place we can travel to the past or plan the future, and thus divide our energy in space and time which brings dissonance to our body.  Rewiering of the human brain and accomodating body cells on the new frequency to comprehend and live from the merged dimension of space-time demands physical and spiritual practice. It brings deep awareness of truly living in the moment, so when sitting in one place we no longer travel to our past or future, but invite both (and more) into the now. The awareness of the fifth dimension brings more profound and honest connection between our body and conscoiusness, our brain and heart, our intellect and intuition, ourselves and others, and us with the planet Earth and the universe.


Several energy grids are constantly available to us. They are similar to human fields where we seed and harvest different types of crops. We are currently stimulated to closely cooperate with three of them: the field of information, the field of remembering and the field of infinite possibilities.




FIELD OF INFORMATION is a grid of everything that ever existed, exists and will exists. All information about beings, events and everything else is being constantly written into the grid. Practical example of such grids on Earth are internet and social media.  Human bodies are capable to connect with the field of information through intuition. When we get an idea seemingly out of the blue, when we sense our gut feeling, we communicate directly with the field of information. Channelers have this channel open more extensively, showing us the proportions to which a human body can unlock it`s intuitive capabilities.



FIELD OF REMEMBERING serves as an open door to the Field of information, which is currently open for humanity to remember who we are. It is focused on clarity simultaneously in the Field of information and in our communication through recconecting with the energy beneath concepts. The transformation we are experiencing currently will serve to clear the field of information by transforming non-needed into supportive, forward moving information. We are contributing to the clearing by remembering glimpses of us through space-time, accomodating the remembered wisdom to the current reality by forgetting the old and start living the new.



FIELD OF INFINITE POSSIBILITIES is a grid of infinite solutions, like a hypermarket of different options we can choose from in each given moment. Being constant creators of our individual reality and thus of our collective reality, we constantly live our next step of creation. Space from which we create is cruical for the manifested result in accordance with the universial law of attraction: when manifesting from lower vibrations (anger, shame, guilt, feeling of injustice, feeling of desperate need, and similar feelings of wanting something because we don`t have enough), we create lower vibrational results. And vice versa, when we create from the highest vibrations (gratitude, respect, love and other abundant feelings), the results will be in equal abundant vibration.  Healing our body and consciousness of lower vibrational triggers will enable us to live on higher vibrations and thus also to create from higher-vibrational space. Which is of especial importance in the awareness of the 5th dimension and beyond where we are able to create with our thoughts.


The universe has two poles: positive and negative. They are reflected in everything through duality beyond our categorisation of good/bad, light/dark. They just are, constantly balancing through space-time.


First was unity, and thus we unconsciously crave for it. In the universe where unity was split into two forces - to the positive and negative pole - duality reflects the split in everything. Currently prevailing negative pole is being balanced through the transfromational process to level again with the positive pole in equal strenght.



Duality represents split energy of unity in it`s positive and negative pole. In their middle lays balance, the memory of unity, the source energy of oneness.  Two poles are universial, yet life on Earth vibrates with them fully, as all major concepts manifest the opposites: war-peace, health-illness, love-hate etc.  Extremes were stimulated during the era of the awareness of the three dimensions of space through the collective energy of competition, mainly due to the comparison (including self-criticism, criticism, hierarchy, win-loose concept) as prevailing modality. The negative pole gained strenght which added to the imbalance of both poles. Global transformation offers us the opportunity to re-establish balance through the new collectively supported energy of cooperation, which brings more empathy, collaboration, understanding and love. Human beings innately seek balance. When a conflict appears as an inner fight of two opposites, the healing is provoked through seeking the energy of balance, of unity, of oneness. Human inner struggles reflect in outside conflicts through space-time. Thus a conflict, fight or war is not a sole-standing act, it doesn`t appear suddenly, but builds up with everything all the included have been, are and will be. It often reveals victim-perpetrator and other dynamics, and heals them simultaneously through space-time.



Reaching balance in conflicts of dualities, step by step enables our consciousness and our body to live a more relaxed life. When a critical point of dualities are merged into unity, when the majority of opposites truly unite, oneness appears. It is the most powerful and healing energy, a sum of the highest vibrations. When felt in a human body, it merges the feelings of love, respect, gratitude, wisdom, freedom, joy, empowerement, stability, peace and other highest vibrational feelings, all at once and all simultaneously throughout the body. Living an awaken, conscious life, remembering core energies and enjoying each moment on this beautiful planet Earth, human body is able to transform the cells to resonate in the highest vibration, and thus also contributes to clearing collective energy fields.

Note: There are additional energy states that exist beyond the concepts of duality and oneness. Certain individuals have the ability to access these states through their heightened states of consciousness. The energies described here play a crucial role in the ongoing collective energy transition.

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