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Deeper dive


New wisdom is consistently unveiled through channelings, allowing us to delve deeper into understanding the magnificent energy forces in operation. New downloads are regularly updated, complete with their downloading dates for your reference and orientation.



The Future Seeks 
Balance in the Past

The future always seeks for balance in the past. Thus the past and the future are inseparably connected. 

As we make projections into the future, we steer the memories of the past. While some may be pleasant, disturbing ones often emerge as fears, patterns, guilt, shame, anger, and unforgiveness. They start shaping the future unless we STOP, breathe and ground ourselves in the present.


Working with the future from the present moment — whether planning, manifesting, wishing, desiring — is free from the past. And it frees us by staying balanced in the here-now.


Collective Shift in the Energy of Money

On Earth, money serves as the primary currency representing the energy of exchange. Historically, money has been widely regarded as a material object, and many people have had a predominantly materialistic perception of money. In the first three dimensions, the focus was on the material world, where some individuals still focus on a material understanding of the energy of money. However, this perception is now evolving.

Energetically, various timelines unfold in parallel. Some people continue to live in the material timeline, placing significance on conventional symbols of success such as expensive cars and external status. In contrast, a different timeline is lived by individuals who balanced their material pursuits with their spiritual path.

The essence of life on Earth lies in maintaining a balance between the material and the spiritual realms, bridging the intellect that drives material aspects and the heart that guides spiritual pursuits. The transformation of the banking system mirrors the changes occurring in other systems, albeit with a unique focus on the energy of money.

Traditionally, money has primarily functioned in material forms, such as physical currency, real estate, cars, gold, works of art etc. The concept of money has also evolved over time, encompassing elements like credit, loans, interest, and advances. Money has taken on a multifaceted role that was not part of its original purpose. Initially, money was designed for straightforward exchange in return for goods or services, maintaining a fundamental energy balance between receiving and giving.

Throughout the progression of human civilization within the first three dimensions, money acquired additional roles, leading to its transformation into an end in itself. However, this shift is now undergoing purification within the dimension of time. Money is returning to its fundamental purpose, but this purpose is being adapted to the behavior and complexities of the current era. The contemporary energy of money is more refined and sophisticated than in its original form.


Collectively, this new energy is already gaining support, which will result in substantial changes within systems related to money. The evolved energy of money no longer endorses the accumulation of wealth at the expense of others but instead emphasizes balance. Even savings, for instance, will diminish more rapidly than before unless they are designated for specific future purposes. This energy shift signifies a move away from a survival instinct-driven need for security.

The revitalized energy of money is aligned with the original intention of balancing the giving and receiving of resources, which opposes manipulation, unjust acquisition, abuse, deception, and survival tactics that harm individuals, animals, plants, and the planet.

Henceforth, the energy of money is more fluid. Stepping out of a survival-driven mentality engenders a state of trust. A cellular reset is underway, altering the foundational structure of the survival instinct on a collective scale. The potency of the collective survival instinct is so pronounced that it compels individuals to transcend their personal survival patterns, facilitating a transition to a state of relaxation and appreciation for the abundant offerings of planet Earth.

Previously, the energy of money directed your efforts outward, demanding you to be actively productive to earn money. However, the distribution of money was often unequal, and many worked considerably more than they were fairly compensated for their labor. These disparities were evident both at the systems level and on a personal scale. The new energy of money emphasizes pure enjoyment in a new sense of the term. When you require money, you can create it with the power of your mind without succumbing to workaholism, excessive exhaustion, or burnout.



The Dual Nature of Survival Patterns

Survival patterns manifest on two levels:


(1) as a genetic record or the survival pattern code of the species, which helps individuals recognize how to protect themselves during encounters with genuine threats—such as facing a charging bull on a nature expedition or enduring extreme cold weather, requiring adequate clothing and a source of warmth.

(2) Concurrently, throughout the course of personal and collective traumas, as well as the amplification of mental work, a perceived (psychological) survival pattern has developed. In this psychological pattern, individuals do not face direct physical threats, yet they perceive certain situations as physically menacing. Such perception triggers the same instinctual response in the body as it would in a real physically perilous situation. For instance, the act of paying bills or shopping might elicit this response though a person is not in a real danger.

In Western civilization, the prevalence of perceived survival instincts is substantial. As part of a comprehensive transformation, the purification of these instincts is underway. This transformation also affects the notion of security: distinguishing between genuine threats and perceived threats allows individuals to reconnect with the original concept of security.

The fundamental principle is acknowledging that you are essentially safe, with rare exceptions—especially in regions unaffected by war. Therefore, the primary practice involves residing in the present moment while maintaining an awareness of your safety and abundance in life. This shift from perceived threat to reassurance through a return to the present moment is essential. By adopting this practice, you effectively reprogram your brain and body to embrace a foundation of unwavering trust.

Isolation, exacerbated by modern lifestyle choices, individualism, and superficial online connections through social networks, amplifies feelings of disconnection from others. This heightened sense of isolation intensifies the perceived fear of survival. You inhabit a bountiful planet, residing within a community where you can rely on your fellow human beings. When you are an integral part of a community, it becomes easier to experience a profound sense of trust.



Gentle System Transformation

In the grand scheme of things, you're not just an individual situated at the bottom of various systems; rather, you are an active participant within these systems, connected across a vast network with fellow individuals. These systems possess a certain intelligence, recognizing the need for change. Consequently, they prefer gradual, soft changes that originate from within, as opposed to the abrupt collapses that result from rigidity and an inability to adapt to life's dynamic shifts.

Embracing this approach also means less work in the long run. By fostering transformation from within, you can reshape existing systems, thereby avoiding the total collapse that might necessitate starting from scratch. While such a collapse remains a possibility for select systems, many can be reimagined and reconstructed without a complete overhaul.

Feminine energy yields significant power when it comes to instigating changes within these systems. It embodies qualities of cooperation, nurturing, empathy, and warmth, and has a profoundly embracing nature. When these gentle energies are introduced into systems—including the financial system—such as when you contemplate money, exchange, wealth, or classical security, they work to soften the system from within. This approach proves instrumental in reshaping the energy of money while gradually dismantling deeply ingrained survival patterns.



Earth Connection

The Earth holds the wisdom of natural cycles, which are accessible for us to recall and embody within our own bodies – extensions of the Earth itself.

Our planet provides a living environment for us in every moment. The natural cycles of life on Earth are encoded into every aspect of our surroundings, offering us the opportunity to remember what is inherently natural for our human bodies – an extension of the Earth itself. Anchoring ourselves firmly to the ground nurtures our bodies, as we stay grounded and connected to our local environment, nourishing ourselves with fresh foods and water, and rediscovering the wisdom of local farmers and artisans, as well as the natural world.

Everyday grounding can be achieved through various aspects of our lives: consuming locally grown food, wearing locally crafted clothing and utilizing locally made tools, spending time in nearby nature, and connecting with friends and the local community. By maintaining contact with our local environment, we gain more opportunities to align with the seasonal cycles, allowing us to rest during natural resting periods and thrive when it's time to flourish. Earth holds all the guidance for a harmonious life here, and it whispers these insights. We need only listen with our hearts.



Inner Focus

Inner focusing allows our body to relax, which, in turn, reflects in lighter thoughts, words, and actions.

Ease is a natural state of our body, ingrained in our very essence. We can immerse ourselves in it at any time, even while engaging in mundane tasks. When we turn our attention inward, connecting with our body, feeling its movements, experiencing sensations through our skin, ears, and nose, and savoring the tastes in our mouth, we naturally center ourselves in the present moment. There's no need to forcefully push away our thoughts; they become welcome guests, as it's a natural state for the human body to operate as a harmonious whole.

Inner focusing strengthens our inward orientation, with each passing moment evolving into minutes, hours, and days. While the world outside may whirl at a frenetic pace, our inner focus remains steady and unwavering, subtly developed through these moments, akin to the most delicate necklace.





Human vulnerability has accumulated numerous protective layers over the course of space-time.


Each wound has added a shielding layer to safeguard the core energy of vulnerability. As a result, we have gradually forgotten the essence of our own vulnerability, but now is the time to remember.

Wounds often compel us to react from our wounded selves, driven by contraction, fear, anger, and pain. On the contrary, embracing vulnerability encourages us to act from our authentic selves, with openness and trust.

In this life and across space and time, we have all experienced hurt and carry the scars of those wounds to some degree. Now, the collective support is available for us to rekindle our deeply buried vulnerability and mend our wounds.

As human beings, we are finally granting ourselves the opportunity to act rather than constantly react. It's a journey well worth embarking upon.




Concepts have formed around a core energy, akin to the layers of leaves enveloping an onion's heart.

At the heart of each concept lies pure energy. The individual who first coined a term, such as 'LOVE,' captured its essence in a word. As they shared it with others, additional feelings, interpretations, and experiences were woven into it. Over time and through usage, the word evolved into a multi-layered concept, much like the layers of an onion.

Presently, the open Field of Remembering allows us to delve into the fundamental energy of words. By recalling the original vibration of any word within a concept and connecting with it, we shed the additional layers, returning it to its pure, initial energy. In doing so, we enter a unified field of vibrations in their purest form, automatically cleansing the overburdened informational field. This process positively influences clearer and more uplifting communication.



Tree Consciousness

In the #6 Corona wave, trees are poised to become our wise instructors in stillness, grounding, and root communication.

The wisdom of trees lies in their unwavering stillness. Regardless of the weather, they steadfastly stand for years on end. However, they are not mere spectators; they actively produce, provide, and communicate through the extraordinary underground realm.

Humans have been gradually attuning to the wisdom of trees through grounding practices, and this process will be accelerated during the #6 Corona wave. Reestablishing a robust root system brings stability and enables communication not only with the Earth but also with one another on a deeper level. Historically, humans have predominantly communicated through their canopy, the upper part of their body, thus distancing themselves from the wisdom of Gaia.

By energetically cleansing our roots through heightened consciousness and physically by adopting Earth-friendly practices like walking barefoot and living in profound harmony with nature, we will restore the lost equilibrium between the Earth and us, its inhabitants. In the long run, this will become a prevalent, normal, and natural way of life.


Masculine Supporting Feminine

During the competitive collective phase, masculine energy prevailed in collective systems. Some time ago, masculine energy began to support the emergence of feminine energy, which is set to dominate in the coming decades.

The competitive collective phase played a crucial role in advancing human society to its current state of development. It was rooted in masculine energy, which contributed intellect, vision, focus, determination, and productivity. However, an excessive reliance on masculine energy led to an imbalance in systems. This paved the way for the feminine energy of empathy, creativity, kindness, love, and cooperation to take center stage as the new collective energy, with the full support of masculine energy.

Individuals and systems will require time to adapt to this new paradigm and fully realize the potential of cooperation. Initially, there may be resistance, particularly from those deeply entrenched in competitive and conquering mindsets. However, in the long run, this transition yields many benefits and is well worth the transformative effort.

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