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"Let`s bring Heaven to Earth"


is an energy therapist, a channeler and energy master.

Žiga Lu started his spiritual path at the age of 18, and in the last 10 years he's been exploring himself, his life and his existence through different types of workshops, courses, travels, experiences and refinements. Deriving from pranotherapy educational background he developed a unique and powerful energy therapy. In 2021, he experienced a spiritual and life transformation and began intensive training under the guidance of Tjaša Dorelay, where he successfully obtained the Celestial Inspiration Master certificate in August 2022 and thus became a channeler for the messages of spiritual guidance.

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Personal message from Žiga for you

So I am here to share with you my knowledge, experiences and attitudes that I have mastered, and to help you feel, connect and transfer consciousness, truths and energy from the source to your life on Earth. From the home dimension of your soul, from the dimensions of guides, angels, and from the dimensions where love, clarity and acceptance exist. I am here to help you, to support you on your journey of feeling, knowing yourself, your honest truth, your soul essence and your true life path.


I am glad for being able to support you on your way to a happier, more conscious and even more fulfilling life.

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