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Fengshui corner

Learn how to create a loving living spaces

using Fengshui ancient wisdom and techniques.


Fengshui is an ancient Chinese practice that can be applied to the spaces we dwell and our own lifestyle.

It explains the energy flow, the changes taking place and how they affect the spaces we live in.

With a simple understanding and application of a few basic principles, you will experience the energetic transformation of your home that will resonate in your own life.


Join our online webinar introducing the principles of Fengshui and get a basic foundation.

In this online practical class you will get some basic practical knowledge about Fengshui and how to apply it to your home and office, bringing your personal questions to the stage.

As a Fengshui certified teacher, Juan YC will give you a basic but really useful input about the application of Fengshui to your own life and your living spaces.

Durration: 3h

Location: online (Zoom)

Event price: 45 eur

The workshops will be celebrated online for maximum number of 15 people. For further information about the dates of the upcoming events, please contact Juan.


There will be 2 online webinars scheduled every month.



If you need a totally personalized consultancy you can schedule a private meeting with Juan YC. personally to resolve your home and personal energy imbalance.


If you prefer you can get a full home Fengshui consultancy that will include a full study of the energy of your home and family members with some key tips and solutions for the imbalanced energies.

For more information about private consultancy, please contact Juan YC.

You will work with
Juan YC.


Juan YC is an expert Fengshui practitioner and architect with a large background in the research and investigation applying I-Ching, 5 Elements and Chinese astrology to the design of houses and offices.

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Join Juan in Fengshui

"Fengshui works together with architecture, creating taylor-made spaces that resonate with our bodies. The result are loving living spaces." 

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