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Discover the Magic of Gratitude, Embrace Imperfections & Cultivate Abundance

Unlock the true essence of gratitude, distinguishing it from superficial kindness and people-pleasing. Learn how to be grateful for life's imperfections and the mistakes that have shaped you, and embrace each new day with gratitude at its core. Explore the intricate relationship between gratitude, comparison, judgment, and forgiveness in your personal and professional life.


1 hour of channeled wisdom of Trust regarding collective systems

1 hour of your Q&A for immediate application of received wisdom


1 hour of channeled wisdom of Trust on personal aspects 

1 hour of your Q&A for immediate application of received wisdom

We start at 10.00 CEST (UTC +2H ) - You can check your local time here.


Join us to experience the incredible impact of gratitude, from strengthening your relationships to manifesting abundance in your business world. It's time to awaken the power of gratitude within you. Are you ready to begin?

Green Hills

What's included

Gratitude Course invites you to explore the true essence of gratitude, distinguish it from superficial kindness, and learn to appreciate life's imperfections through thematic Collective and Personal Module, enriched with your Q&A.


Uncover the relationship between gratitude, comparison, and forgiveness, empowering you to infuse gratitude into your life, both personally and professionally.


Collective Gratitude Module

Infuse Gratitude into Systems 

CHANNELING (1H): Delve into the core essence of gratitude. Explore how it differs from people-pleasing and superficial kindness, and uncover the authentic power it holds. Explore the interplay between gratitude and forgiveness on a collective level, and how it projects to your personal life. Discover how practicing gratitude for things that haven't yet happened can manifest the best outcomes for our collective and your personal future. 1 hour channeling will address the predicted thematics so you will get a comprehensive inlook into the current collective energies of Love.

Q&A (1H): Engage with the content and deepen your understanding by submitting your questions for our live Q&A session. You will be able to write your question in the Private Chat to stay confidential. We will do our best to answer all the received questions.

Gratitude (3).png

Personal Gratitude Module

Embracing Life`s Imperfections

CHANNELING (1H): Learn the art of being grateful for life's imperfections and the mistakes you've made. Dive deeper into the concept of connecting with your sources - your ancestors, your core energy. Learn how incorporating gratitude can enhance your personal life (sleep, immune system, self-esteem, relationships), professional relationships, communication, and abundance. Explore the profound connection between money flow and gratitude, and learn how practicing gratitude transforms the energy of money for an abundant future. Infuse gratitude into your daily life, aligning you with the blessings of the past, present, and future. 1 hour channeling will focus on the thematics of our private lives in connection with primal energy of Love.

Q&A (1H): Contribute your questions in the Q&A session to move forward with your Love and kindness. You will be able to write your question in the Private Chat to stay confidential. We will do our best to answer all the received questions.

Gratitude (2).png

Collective Thematics

Show Authentic Gratitude

  • THE ESSENCE OF GRATITUDE (gratitude / thankfulness / gratefulness / appreciation, authentic gratitude vs people pleasing & superficial kindness, the power of forgiveness through collective rituals)

  • INFUSING GRATITUDE INTO COLLECTIVE SYSTEMS (bottom-up infusion, the power of "Thank you", fostering social bonds and community through gratitude, eco-gratitude, new generations bring higher vibrations)

  • GRATITUDE FOR SYSTEMS AND STRUCTURES (attachment to larger structures, the importance of forgivness of the past collective wounds - wars, injustice, abuse)

  • GRATITUDE FOR WORK OPPORTUNITIES AND MONEY (gratitude for education system & talents, healthy vs toxic work environments, grateful giving and receiving infuses gratitude in financial systems, integrating gratitude in business communication, grateful leaders-grateful employees)

Gratitude (4).png

Personal Thematics

Celebrate Love in Your Everyday Life with Healthy Boundaries

  • LIVING IN GRATITUDE (the importance of gratitude and forgiveness, saying "No" gratefully and gracefully, gratefully connecting with resources - ancestors, talents, wisdom, intuition etc., gratitude in challenging times such as loss or illness, daily practices of gratitude)

  • GRATITUDE FOR PERSONAL LIFE, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS (being grateful for Life, health and seemingly simple things, releasing pain and trauma for healing, growing gratitude by growing older, gratitude as a form of stress in social situations and collective festivities like Thanksgiving and Christmas, toxic positivity when forcing gratitude by neglecting flaws)

  • GRATITUDE FOR ABUNDANCE (connection between gratitude, wealth and abundance, living a balanced gratitude withouth creating debt) 

Practical Advice

Create a calm space for yourself.

You won't be on camera, so feel free to dress comfortably and set up the space for a positive vibe. Have some non-alcoholic drinks nearby, and if you enjoy writing, have a pen and paper ready.

Green Hills

5 Reasons to Enroll in the Gratitude Course


Transform Your Mindset

Discover the power of gratitude to shift your perspective and embrace a positive, appreciative mindset that can enhance all aspects of your life.


Cultivate Abundance 

Learn how practicing gratitude can attract abundance and manifest your desires by connecting with the energy of gratitude.


Deepen Your Relationships

Develop deeper connections with others as you express gratitude and appreciation, creating stronger bonds and understanding.


Embrace Forgiveness 

Gratitude can be a key to forgiveness and letting go of past resentments, allowing you to move forward with a lighter heart and an open spirit.


Elevate Your Professional Life 

Explore the impact of gratitude in the business world and how it can improve professional relationships, communication, and prosperity.

Green Hills


Thanks for registering to our course. See you there!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Green Hills
Green Hills


When are the live broadcasts and when will the materials be available?

Live broadcasts are scheduled on the specified dates provided above. Upon registration, you will receive an email containing a link to our Zoom room along with all necessary instructions and tips. All course materials will be accessible within 24 hours after the session.

Can I participate on my schedule?

Of course. In case you cannot join live sessions, you can send your questions for Q&A in advance, and review the recorded session afterwards. After each live broadcast, a recording of the session will be accessible in your password-protected HumanRoadmap space. The best part is that all these materials will remain at your disposal for a lifetime, allowing you to revisit and explore them as often as you wish.

I can't attend the live broadcasts. Will I gain as much from the replays as I would have from the live sessions?

Absolutely. You'll have the opportunity to submit your question before each live session. Following the session, you can watch the replay at your convenience, ensuring you don't miss out on valuable insights and guidance.

How long are the video modules?

Both sessions have a duration of approx. 2 hours each. They are split in two parts: after approx. 60 minutes of channeling, your Q&A follows in the lenght of approx. 60 minutes. The length of the Q&A sessions will be tailored to accommodate the number of questions, ensuring you receive the comprehensive answers you seek.

Have more questions?

Feel free to send us an email at

Green Hills

About Sabina

Your Gratitude Course Facilitator

Sabina has learned to be grateful every morning for the day that is yet to unfold. This habit still positively influences her way of interacting in her business and private environment. 

Professional Experience:

  • Business and Intuition: Her unique path fuses business expertise from various sectors with profound intuitive insights. She is a certified systemic facilitator and coach, skilled in channeling and mediumship.

  • Educational Background: She holds a master's degree in communications, providing a strong foundation for effective communication and understanding.

  • Collaborative Endeavors: She collaborates with numerous naturally awakened communication channels to bring you a holistic experience.


Exploring the Inner World:

  • Since 2014 she has been on a deliberate journey, exploring and adapting to her expanded communication capabilities. In 2017 she embraced her role as an intuitive empath, serving as a channeler, medium, and systemic coach.


"I've experienced the profound impact of daily gratitude practice in my own life, and I'm excited to share this powerful tool with you. Gratitude is a state of high frequency, and when embraced sincerely, it has the remarkable ability to touch and reshape the world we all inhabit. Let's explore the magic of gratitude together.

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