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Morning Coffee

Personal Session
with Sabina ZP.

In your space,

in your pace

for moving forward.


Personal session is a meeting between yourself and a part of you, which is ready to transform from an uncomfortable source into a valuable resource.


In a safe and confidential space you will be able to focus on:

* establishing cooperating and calming peace in your body and your mind,

* discovering hidden patterns behind a relation, an event or a behaviour,

* creating practical steps to implement the transformation in everyday life.


You will be given a support to be and relax in the NOW, in the moment. From here we create a safe space to reveal and transform parts of you, which are ready to transform. 


Tempo will be accommodated to your pace so you will be able to feel and understand the session, and ground the new wisdom into your daily life.



It`s a possibility for a 45 min session if you have a precise topic or question, or a deeper 90min session where you cover a broader aspect of your theme. The price for a 45 min session is 50 EUR and for 90 min session 100 EUR. We arrange the timing of your session after you apply.

Personal session is optimal when you bump into an obstacle in your life which you don`t understand. We disclose hidden patterns of energy behind, and invite them to transform into a supporting energy.

You will work with
Sabina ZP.


Sabina is practical and down to Earth person, combining business experience from private and public systems with strong intuitive capabilities as an intuitive, systemic facilitator, channeler and medium.

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Apply for a Personal Session

After applying you will receive an e-mail with possible dates to schedule your Personal Session. 

Thanks for submitting!

"We are so much
 when we are able to
simply BE." 

Working at home

or CHANGE programme

The right time for a PERSONAL SESSION is when you have a desire to discover what is holding you back and reconnect with your resources for making a successful step forward. When you feel it`s time for a bigger change in your life, you can opt for a CHANGE programme where you work with an intention to achieve a goal through a series of session. 

PERSONAL SESSION: A good option when you stumble upon an obstacle which seems to be impossible to solve on your own. We work in a confidential and safe space, and since we work online many ask for a recording so they can listen to the session afterwards and learn new things. It`s a possibility for a 45min session if you have a precise topic or question, or a 90min session where you cover a broader aspect of your theme.

CHANGE PROGRAMME: Choosing a series of sessions is reccomended when you feel a bigger change is needed in your life, which needs to be addressed more systematically by setting goals, in a supportive way and completely, to dissolve the patterns behind. You book the first session, and the following dates are set according to the plan, drafted on your first session.

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