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This is a gentle reminder that your inner world exists.

Be open to your thoughts, especially the sudden ones. The hints.

Take more time in silence. Listen to your thoughts. Do not judge. Just take them in and let them go when the time is right.

Trust yourself. If you feel thoughts are not really yours, ask to whom do they belong. Ask them to leave and create a space for new thoughts. Yours this time. They might bring you inspiration, will, power for your next move, decision, courage for a serious conversation you have been trying to avoid …

Or maybe not. Sometimes there won't be anything there to listen to. It is fine.

But sit. Be in silence. Listen. World will wait. You owe it to yourself. To your mind and body.

Your thoughts are a bridge to your inner world. They are where your intuition comes through, your feelings. Be kind to your thoughts and put them first, before somebody else's opinions, decisions, instructions. You do you. Respect yourself and be kind.

And the more you'll listen, more insights of who you really are you'll hear.

In time you will be able to feel a quality of the thought - is it superficial, based on fear, on expectations of others, or is it truly yours? Is it coming from the space inside you where there are no judgements, no illusions, … where you are able to simply BE?

Search for those thoughts, those voices. Maybe you'll realize, you have to ignore and let go of most of the superficial thoughts, to really quiet your mind to hear your true self. Maybe you won't hear it, but you'll FEEL.

You are perfect exactly who you are, where you are with all your beliefs in this moment. That is the only right thing for you. You don't need to change because someone told you so. But you might if you feel this is what you need to do.


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