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“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me_ I am a free human being with an independent will_ed

Unlock Trust & Embrace Authenticity: Navigating Doubt in a Digital Age

Trust Course is a transformative exploration of trust, doubt, and authenticity. Discover the paradoxical connection between trust and doubt, learn to navigate the era of misinformation, nurture healthier relationships, and unlock the power of collective trust. Connect with Trust through the Collective and Personal Thematic Group Modules, followed by a powerful Q&A group session and practical tips & exercises.

JOIN US! Book the course, acces it in the Member Space and listen to it at your own pace, than send in your questions for the coming July Q&A sessions.



Re-establish Collective Trust and Re-gain Trust in Systems

1 hour of channeled wisdom of Trust regarding collective systems

Your Q&A for immediate application of received wisdom


Nurture Private & Business Trust and Dive into the Art of Trusting

1 hour of channeled wisdom of Trust on personal aspects 

Your Q&A for immediate application of received wisdom

Release dates:

Channeled modules: 1. 7. 2024

Q&A sessions: every Saturday in July 2024 - recorded answers will be available in your Human Roadmap Member Space


Join us on this enlightening journey to foster trust, find truth amid the noise, and unite communities for a better future. Trust is the key to a more resilient and united world.

JOIN US in gratitude

TRUST course will be followed by an insightful GRATITUDE course in August 2024.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me_ I am a free human being with an independent will_ed

What's included

Embark on a transformative journey of trust through 2 engaging modules, complemented by an interactive Q&A group session.


Explore the intricate world of trust and doubt, delve into the collective power of trust in uniting communities, discover how to discern truth in a digital age filled with misinformation, and nurture trust in your relationships.


How we`ll do it

Re-establishing Collective Trust

CHANNELING (1H): Uncover the foundations of trust and authenticity. Understand how trust has been an essential part of human history and its connection to doubt. In a world where collective trust is daily challenged by an influx of information, from fake news to deep fake visuals, explore strategies to discern truth from falsehood. Learn how to trust the information you receive, navigate social media opinions, and even trust a scientific landscape driven by skepticism and financial interests. 1 hour channeling will address the predicted thematics so you will get a comprehensive inlook into the current collective energies of Trust.

Q&A: Engage with the content and deepen your understanding by submitting your questions for Q&A sessions. You can send your questions within July 2024 - Q&A sessions will be each Saturday in July 2024. We will do our best to answer all the received questions.

Trust (3).png

How we`ll do it

Nurturing Private & Business Trust

CHANNELING (1H): Trust serves as the bedrock for flourishing relationships, both personal and in the business realm. Dive into the dynamics of trust and witness how it shapes your connections with others. Delve into the roots of jealousy, gaining insights to foster trust and strengthen the fabric of your personal relationships. Explore trust in business relationships, understanding its pivotal role in creating successful and fulfilling bonds. Elevate your connections by mastering the art of building and nurturing trust in your personal and business life. 1 hour channeling will focus on the thematics of our private lives in connection with primal energy of Lrust.

Q&A: Contribute your questions in the Q&A session to move forward with your Trust. You can send your questions within July 2024 - Q&A sessions will be each Saturday in July 2024. We will do our best to answer all the received questions.

Trust (2).png

Collective Thematics

Trust in Systems

  • IMPORTANCE OF TRUST & DOUBT FOR HUMANITY (cooperation with systems, trust & authenticity, doubt)

  • ABUSE OF TRUST IN/OF SYSTEMS (types, consequences, current state of systems, artificial intelligence and digitalization - true/false information and abuse of data, environmental policies, the role of control & division) 

  • TRUST IN FAMILY SYSTEMS (biological need, psychological aspects, trust in governance/religious systems, patterns, healing)

  • WORK & MONEY (survival/abundant living, creativity in trustful working environments, trust in financial institutions and wealth distribution)

  • HEALTH & RELAXATION (body response to trust, challenges with trust in health/food/safety systems)

  • RESEARCH & EDUCATION (trust in science and educational programmes, alternatives to the mainstream)

  • GOVERNANCE, POLITICS, and JUSTICE (trust in ruling systems, use and abuse of justice, human rights)

Trust (4).png

Personal Thematics

The Art of Trusting

  • RESPONSIBILITY & AUTHENTIC TRUST (trustworthiness, responsibility in giving and receiving trust)

  • SELF-TRUST (the importance of self-trust in navigating life experiences,  the role of self-doubt and speeding, having confidence and self-esteem, trusting the process of personal development)

  • TRUSTING OTHERS (blind trust - child/grown-up perspective, naivety, wounds and traumas caused by trust abuse, boundaries, commitment issues)

  • TRUST IN RELATIONSHIPS (trust in  family of origin and un/safe attachment, trust between parents and children, trust in partners, jealousy & infidelity/loyalty, trust in intimacy and other vulnerable situations, abuse of trust in private relationships and friendships)

  • TRUST IN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION (credibility, the importance of truth, conflict resolution, boundaries)

Practical Advice

Create a calm space for yourself.

You won't be on camera, so feel free to dress comfortably and set up the space for a positive vibe. Have some non-alcoholic drinks nearby, and if you enjoy writing, have a pen and paper ready.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me_ I am a free human being with an independent will_ed

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll in the Trust Course


Navigate the Digital Age with Confidence 

Learn how to discern truth from misinformation in an era of deep fakes, fake news, and online noise.


Strengthen Relationships

Nurture healthier, more trusting relationships by understanding the dynamics of trust and jealousy.


Unlock the Power of Collective Trust 

Discover how collective trust can unite communities and societies in an era marked by skepticism and division.


Foster Authenticity 

Expand yourself with a loving mindset, embracing healing emotional wounds and overcoming life's challenges.


Reshape Your and Our World

Trust is the key to a better future. Join us to unlock its potential in your life and beyond.

JOIN US in gratitude

TRUST course will be followed by an insightful GRATITUDE course in August 2024.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me_ I am a free human being with an independent will_ed


When will the course be available?

Upon registration, you will receive an email containing a link to Human Roadmap member space along with all necessary instructions and tips. All course materials will be accessible on the above specified dates.

Can I participate on my schedule?

Of course. After listening to the channeled modules, you can send your questions for Q&A in advance, and review the recorded session afterwards. The best part is that all these materials will remain at your disposal for a lifetime, allowing you to revisit and explore them as often as you wish.

How long are the video modules?

Both modules have a duration of approx. 1 hour each. Each Saturday in July your questions will be addressed in a special recorded session, ensuring you receive the comprehensive answers you seek. The lenght of these sessions depends on the amount of questions. The answers will be available in members space as divided recordings so you can choose easily the ones you want to listen to. Received questions will appear on the screen during the Q&A without your name for your full privacy.

Have more questions?

Feel free to send us an email at

About Sabina

Your Trust Course Facilitator.

Sabina has been exploring trust in systems since her master's degree on trust in the Slovenian Film Fund. She has amassed rich personal and professional experience with trust while working in both private and public sectors, which she combines with her intuitive abilities as a counselor and facilitator.

Professional Experience:

  • Business and Intuition: Her unique path fuses  business expertise from various sectors with profound intuitive insights. She is a certified systemic facilitator and intuitive counselor, skilled in channeling and mediumship. 

  • Educational Background: She holds a master's degree in communications, providing a strong foundation for effective communication and understanding.

  • Collaborative Endeavors: She collaborates with numerous naturally awakened communication channels to bring you a holistic experience.


"I maintain a high level of trust, which has occasionally led to setbacks both personally and professionally. However, I persist in trusting, as this ability illuminates numerous paths and presents unforeseen solutions."

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