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Ignite Self-Love, Transform Relationships, and Cooperate Lovingly with Systems

Connect with authentic Love through the Collective and Personal Thematic Group Modules, followed by a powerful Q&A group session and practical tips & excercises.



1 hour of channeled wisdom of Love regarding collective systems

1 hour of your Q&A for immediate application of received wisdom


1 hour of channeled wisdom of Love on personal aspects 

1 hour of your Q&A for immediate application of received wisdom

We start at 9.00 CEST (UTC +2H ) - You can check your local time here.

Embrace the power of love to create a brighter, more fulfilling future. Start your love-infused journey today!

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What's included

Embark on a journey of love through a thematic Collective and Personal Module, followed by a powerful Q&A sessions.

Explore the profound potential of love, nurture self-love, enhance your relationships, and cooperate lovingly with the collective systems.


How we'll do it

Discover Your Loving Connection with Collective Systems

CHANNELING (1H): Feel the essence of love through channeling and understand its collective significance in systems (work, money, education, nature etc.). Dive into its role in shaping societies, fostering cooperation, healing and contributing to the well-being of the planet. 1 hour channeling will address the predicted thematics so you will get a comprehensive inlook into the current collective energies of Love.

Q&A (1H): Engage with the content and deepen your understanding by submitting your questions for our live Q&A session. You will be able to write your question in the Private Chat to stay confidential. We will do our best to answer all the received questions.


How we'll do it

Connect with More Love in Your Private Life

CHANNELING (1H): Shift your focus inward to nurture self-love and self-compassion, boost your self-esteem, and foster authentic connection with yourself. Open to loving and meaningful relationships. 1 hour channeling will focus on the thematics of our private lives in connection with primal energy of Love.

Q&A (1H): Contribute your questions in the Q&A session to move forward with your Love and kindness. You will be able to write your question in the Private Chat to stay confidential. We will do our best to answer all the received questions.



Create Loving Relationship with Your Systems

  • FAMILY (the power of ancestral system)

  • WORK & MONEY (work structures & bank system, debt, rewards, wealth)

  • HEALTH (healthcare and food system - reasearch, pharma, hospitals, alternative medicine, food industry) 

  • SPORTS (professional and recreational)

  • EDUCATION (formal system and informal educational structures)

  • GOVERNANCE, POLITICS and JUSTICE (public service, political system and judicial branch)

  • MILITARY-BUSINESS-SPORTS (wars and conflict energy, competition, victim-perpetrator dynamics)

  • RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY (old and news systems)

  • NATURE (global warning or global warming, sustainability, waste treatment, over/de-population)



Celebrate Love in Your Everyday Life with Healthy Boundaries

  • SELF-LOVE VS EGOISM (for your human and extended Being)

  • HEALING (vulnerability, emotional wounds and traumas, grief, acceptance and forgiveness, trust)

  • LOVING COMMUNICATION (conflict resolution, empathy-building, sincerity, kindness)

  • RELATIONSHIPS (boundaries, intimacy, balance in giving and receiving, self-care)

  • AUTHENTICITY (authentic vs. manipulative love in relationships and spirituality)

  • CREATING FROM LOVE (love-centric mindset)

Practical Advice

Create a calm space for yourself.

You won't be on camera, so feel free to dress comfortably and set up the space for a positive vibe. Have some non-alcoholic drinks nearby, and if you enjoy writing, have a pen and paper ready.

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Is Love Journey for me?

YES when you want to...


Reconnect with the Core Energy of Love

  • Explore the profound essence of love and its transformative potential.

  • Cultivate a love-centric mindset to attract more love into your life.

  • Expand yourself with a loving mindset


Invite Love for Healing

  • Be ready to unlock love's potential as a healing superpower.

  • Lovingly approach healing emotional wounds, connecting with grief, mending broken relationships, and overcoming life's challenges.

  • Recconect with the core energy of love and transform your life with it's healing energy.


Learn Self-Love & Compassion

  • Rediscover the power of self-love and nurture your inner well-being.

  • Strengthen your self-esteem and practice self-compassion.

  • Envision a future filled with love, positivity, and fulfilled relationships.


Grow Loving Relationships

  • Attract more love and positivity into your life and the lives of those around you.

  • Enhance your communication skills and create harmonious relationships.

  • Aspire to project love into your future and attract more loving relationships into your life.


Thanks for registering for our course. See you there!

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When are the live broadcasts and when will the materials be available?

Live broadcasts are scheduled on the specified dates provided above. Upon registration, you will receive an email containing a link to our Zoom room along with all necessary instructions and tips. All course materials will be accessible within 24 hours after the session.

Can I participate on my schedule?

Of course. In case you cannot join live sessions, you can send your questions for Q&A in advance, and review the recorded session afterwards. After each live broadcast, a recording of the session will be accessible in your password-protected HumanRoadmap space. The best part is that all these materials will remain at your disposal for a lifetime, allowing you to revisit and explore them as often as you wish.

I can't attend the live broadcasts. Will I gain as much from the replays as I would have from the live sessions?

Absolutely. You'll have the opportunity to submit your question before each live session. Following the session, you can watch the replay at your convenience, ensuring you don't miss out on valuable insights and guidance.

How long are the video modules?

Both sessions have a duration of approx. 2 hours each. They are split in two parts: after approx. 60 minutes of channeling, your Q&A follows in the lenght of approx. 60 minutes. The length of the Q&A sessions will be tailored to accommodate the number of questions, ensuring you receive the comprehensive answers you seek.

Have more questions?

Feel free to send us an email at

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About Sabina

Your Love Journey Facilitator

Sabina has been on a deliberate journey since 2014, exploring and adapting to her expanded communication capabilities. In 2017 she embraced her role as an intuitive empath, serving as a channeler, medium, and systemic coach.


She has the ability to read the collective field of consciousness and cooperate with systems, built on a rich business background working in both private and public sectors, combined with intuitive abilities as a counselor and facilitator.

Professional Experience:

  • Business and Intuition: Her unique path fuses business expertise from various sectors with profound intuitive insights. She is a certified systemic facilitator and intuitive counselor, skilled in channeling and mediumship.

  • Educational Background: She holds a master's degree in communications, providing a strong foundation for effective communication and understanding.

  • Collaborative Endeavors: She collaborates with numerous naturally awakened communication channels to bring you a holistic experience.


"A long time ago, a stranger on the bus told me, 'You were born for love.' His words resonated deeply with me, and through many channelings and personal experience I've come to understand that we are all born for love."

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