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Japanese Tea

Tea Ceremony

Get immersed in Traditional Chinese Tea culture tasting ancient wisdom and aromas.



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Tea ancient ceremony and tasting is open to any person curious about the culture of tea. With this immersion in the Chinese tradition of tea you will discover not only the taste of original tea imported from China, but also the history of Tea, the production and preparation process of each class and the properties of Tea.

* HEALING SIDE OF TEA: You will discover that there is a tea for every season, for each moment of our life and for each emotional state. Tea helps bringing harmony to our energy unbalance and becomes the most useful daily medicine.

* SPIRITUAL SIDE OF TEA: Tea Ceremony brings you the chance to stop the time, step  aside and sit down in a real moment of meditation. You will experience the grounding effect of Puer black teas and the awakening breeze of green Lonjing tea. Each tea sip will bring you back to the here and now.


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As a certified Tea master (ITA level 4), Juan will lead you into a real Chinese taste event based on the traditional principles of the Gai Wan and Tea Pot.

You will learn and understand the origin and properties of each kind of tea. During the preparation, you will also learn the different ways of cooking tea while you are also explained about the healing effects of each tea you are tasting.


In the end, you will taste around 8 kinds of tea and experience the diversity of Chinese tea.

Each tea will give you a glimpse of one of the 5 elements, inviting you to taste it at the proper moment and the suitable time.


One tea for each season, for each moment if the day and for each person as an expression of the uniqueness of each one of us.


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* INTIMATE GROUPS: We work in a small group of 8 people maximum so each participant can taste and learn in their own paste.

* SPACE-TIME: 2,5h live tea tasting live in Ljubljana, Slovenia (you will receive further info in your e-box).

* EQUIPMENT: Tea set, snacks and tea will be provided by the organizer. Tea tasted at the ceremony is original from China and top ranked quality certified.

* EVENT PRICE: 39 EUR for reserving your seat in the group for each ceremony.

* YOUR PREFERENCES: Write us to express your preferences for preffered day in the week when you would like to have0 the tea ceremony. We will try to accommodate you in the most suitable day, either during the weekdays or in the weekend

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You will work with
Juan YC.


Juan is a Certified Tea Master level 4 (ITA Tea Master Certificate). He studied one year in the International Tea Academy in Yunnan, developing also studies of Nutrition based in the 5 Elements theory and Tea treatments.

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"Each leaf of tea plant contains centuries of tradition that are becoming part of us in the form of water.

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