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Deeper dive


New wisdom is constantly revealing through channelings, offering us a deeper dive into comprehending majestic energy forces at work. New downloads are regurarly updated with downloading dates for your orientation.

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Earth connection

Earth holds wisdom of natural cycles, available for us to remember and relax in our bodies - extensions of the Earth itself.

Earth is providing living environment for us in each given moment. Natural cycles of life on this planet are encoded in every inch of our environment, available for us to remember what is natural to our human body - the extension of the Earth itself. Living firmly on the ground provides nourishment to our body by being grounded and in contact with our local environment, caring for our body with live foods and water, reconnecting with the wisdom of local farmers and craftsmen, and the nature itself. 

Everyday grounding is available through every aspect of our life: locally grown food, locally created clothes and tools, spending time in nature nearby, connecting with friends and local community. By being in contact with local environment we have more opportunity to follow the cycle of seasons so we can rest when there is a natural cycle of resting, and live more vividly when there is a natural cycle to flourish. Earth keeps all the instructions for an easy life here, and it whispers them. Listen with our heart.



Inner focus

Inner focusing enables our body to relax which echoes in lighter thoughts, words and deeds.


Ease is a natural state of our body. It is encoded in our very being and we can bath in it anytime, even by doing random chores. Turning inwards, into our body, feeling how it moves, what sensations we receive through our skin, ears, nose, what is the taste in our mouth - it all brings our focus in the given moment. We don`t even need to push our thoughts away - they become welcome visitors as it`s a natural state of a human body to cooperate as a whole.

Inner focusing strengthens our orientation inwards. Moment by moment grows into minute by minute, and on into hour by hour, day by day. The world can be on warp speed outside, yet our inner focus stays firm and stable, built subtly through moments like the most subtle necklace.






Vulnerability of a human being gained many overcoats through space-time. Every wound added a layer to protect the core energy of vulnerability. We slowly forgot the taste of our own vulnerability - it`s time to remember.

Wounds stimulate us to react from our wounded self, from our contraction, fear, anger, from our pain. Vulnerability on the other hand encourages us to act from our subtle self, with an open being, from the beauty of trust. 


We all were hurt in this life and through space and time. To some extent we are all damaged by all the wounds and scars we`ve got. Finally the time came when the collective support is available to remember our deeply buried vulnerability and heal our wounds. 


As human beings we thus finally give ourselves the opportunity to act instead of constantly react. It`s worth it. 




Concepts were created around core energy, like onion leaves around onion heart.


In the heart of every concept is pure energy. The first person who named it, caught it`s vibration into a word (for example LOVE). When they brought it to others, others added their feelings, understanding and experience. Thus the word through time and use became a multilayered concept, just like an onion. 


Currently open Field of Remembering enables us to dive into the primal energy of words. By remembering the initial vibration of any word within the concept and connecting with it, we peel off the added layers and return it to the pure, initial energy. Thus we enter unified field of vibrations in their purest sense, and automatically clear the overpolluted informational field, which positively influences clearer and lighter communication.



Tree consciousness

In the #6 Corona wave trees will become our wise teachers of stilness, grounding and root communication.

The wisdom of trees lays in their stillness. Whatever the weather, for years and years, they stand seamingly still. They are not mere observants though, they produce, provide, and also communicate through the amazing underground world.

Humans have been learning the wisdom of trees through grounding, which will be speeded up during the #6 Corona wave. Re-establishing a strong root system enables stability and communication with the planet Earth and with eachoter on a different level. Due to focus on intellectual potential so far humans communicated mostly through their canopy (upper part of the body), slowly cutting off the wisdom of Gaia.


Clearing the roots energetically with growing our consciousness, and physically by acting Earth-kind, walking bare foot and living in deep respect of nature, will restore the lost balance between the Earth and us, Earthlings. In a long run it will prevail as a widespread, normal and natural way of living.


Masculine supporting feminine

Masculine energy prevailed in collective systems during the competitive collective phase. A while ago masculine energy supported the rise of feminine energy which will be prevailing in future decades.

Competitive collective phase was beneficial for reaching the current development of the human society. It was based on masculine energy, which brought in intellect, vision, focus, determination and productivity. Due to exceeded use of masculine energy the systems fell out of balance. The feminine energy of empathy, creation, kindness, love and coworking thus had the opportunity to prevail as the new collective energy of cooperation with the full support of masculine energy.

It will take time for individuals and systems accept the new setting, to manifest the cooperation in it`s full potential. At the beginning it will stimulate a lot of resistance especially from the extremely competitive and conquerous individuals and systems. But in a long run it brings a lot of gifts and is worth the transformational pain.

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