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Human Roadmap 2050 guides us through the time of transformation with hope, encouragement and focus. The core of Human Roadmap 2050 is intuitive wisdom from the field of information.

Collective energies

By raising individual and collective consciousness we are able to recognise and cooperate with collective energies better.

Deeper dive

New wisdom is constantly revealing through channelings,
offering us a deeper dive to comprehend energy forces at work.

New downloads are regurarly updated with downloading dates for your orientation.

Meditative channelings

Soothing meditative guidance for your body and soul. They read like a poem and bring you the opportunity to turn inwards, creating a change from within. Themes like: LOVE, IN-LIGHT FEAR, IT`S TIME ...


A NOTE TO YOUR HEART: Human Roadmap 2050 brings intitive wisdom through expressions, formed into words from received energy. When reading, allow your mind and body to to connect with the energy behind the message, allow the body to comprehend instead of pushing your brain to understand, and invite your intellect to support your intuition.

Human Roadmap 2050: Image

Your wisdom is warmly embraced on Human Roadmap 2050

and we wish you to enjoy reading contributions of others.

THE WHISPERESS by Vesna Neferamis

Once upon a time,

we were all in a galactic kindergarten

for young souls.

          Kindergarten teachers gave us

          a special homework.

We chose a planet,

on which our souls

could learn the most about life.

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