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The Whisperers

Once upon a time,

we were all in a galactic kindergarten

for young souls.

Kindergarten teachers gave us

a special homework.

We chose a planet,

on which our souls

could learn the most about life.

Some sailed off to Venus

and they are still singing of beauty and love.

The Moon children comb the light mantle

of pearly white Moon,

which on long nights

tells them stories

of universal beauty

intertwined with galaxies of mighty passages.

The Sun children arrange sunrays

and all the time hymn

to the Sun,

which so generously feeds them with everything

that they need.

The Neptune children caress dolphins and whales,

play with them and teach them

special songs,

which echo in the depths of the ocean

and which we hear in a deep meditation,

when our Soul swims off Home.

The Mars children learn confidence,

they learning to boldly

direct their lives,

so we can learn from them

when we are weak and ignorant.

The Saturn children learn all the time

with a strict,

but a just Teacher,

who gives them the most difficult homework

for one reason only,

so they can find their way

in the labyrinth of experience

and begin to live the life that they want.

And we?

Those who are left are us.

Not one of the planets

sent us into ecstasies

like this little blue planet

called Earth.

We were told that here there are no

teachers and guides.

We were told that not all succeed.

We were told that it is risky to expose

our soul to teachers unknown.

We were told that even angels

needed to be called upon to get there.

We were told that we would have to beat our own path

through the thicket

of illusions and wandering memories,

with no one to bid us farewell or to accompany us.

As they were telling us this,

they were hoping

that we would choose another place.

But we were brought to a standstill

and most self-evident thing was

that we would go down,

down to Earth.

Astonished, they bid us


and gave us blessings,

but in their teary eyes we could see


Today we are here.

It is true,

many are unhappy, downtrodden, lost in the illusion of despair.

It is true,

no one had told us

how hard it really is.

It is true also

that we create our destiny as we go

and that uncertainty kills us.

It is true also

that of all the beings in the entire universe

we have the possibility to choose.

Such clear,

such magnificent

possibility to choose

that it grieves my heart

as I watch people

who do not see that.

That is why I ask you,

My Dear Friends;

We all stand on one side of our destiny.

Some of us see the light on the other side,

some do not,

so they fear.

Let us offer our hands,

Open our hearts and step over the side of illusion,

so finally, on our beautiful Earth

we, too, can sing

so beautifully

that the Venus children

will wonder in awe

whoever down there

has opened their eyes and ears.

Let us offer our hands


please, open our eyes

to how valuable our life experience on Earth really is.

For at the final exam

it may well be us

who have mastered

all the knowing

through experience.

It is time,

dear children

of the Universe.

It is our time,

the Earth’s time,

time for most beautiful souls

who are coming to save our most beautiful planet.

It is time

for our destiny to become

the fulfilled Present of the Past

of our Dreams.

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