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 Moving forward 

HumanRoadmap 2050 is channeled wisdom
encouraging us to progress towards cooperation.

Its voice
is Sabina ŽP.

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New gifts of wisdom 

The future seeks balance in the past


The future always seeks balance in the past. Thus the past and the future are inseparably connected. Forming the future from the current moment frees the memories of the past.

Collective Shift in the Energy of Money


Explore the collective transformation of money's energy. Uncover how money, once seen as a material object, is evolving into an energy that supports balance, trust, and a life rich in experiences.

The Dual Nature of Survival Patterns


Understand the two facets of survival patterns. Discover how genetic survival codes and psychological survival patterns coexist, and how they are connected with trust and security.


We are all on the road. When we meet is not by mistake. It is an opportunity.

Intuitive wisdom from the field of information is the core of 

In a world where heartfelt communication, empathic connection, and constructive cooperation are often lacking, the HumanRoadmap2050 community is coming together to establish a sanctuary for the meaningful discussions we all yearn for.



Sabina's sessions are full of liberating wisdom. Helping you to see, feel & understand the unseen from a perspective that sets you free. So you may re-connect with the trust, the balance and the love within. A gentle yet accurate look into a higher perspective that leads you to an inner understanding beyond the mind can comprehend. A true gift for inner guidance and evolution.

Sangeet Joti, Spain

Sabina helped me to understand and see the piece of the puzzle I already had with me. She was the perfect translator for the series of messages the Universe had been delivering to me for some time. Once I could hear and understand these messages, my soul took the lead toward the mission that had been assigned to me by the Source. Now I understand my real potential and I am closer to seeing Who I AM. Now I am ready to accomplish the real purpose of this life and I have understood the Responsibility of my presence on Earth. Thank you.

Juan YC, China

The part about "me honoring my ancestors and their struggle" still brings a strong reaction. In a way, this is one of the reasons why I started my business, to bring my personal history to light, talk about my family and what they have taken part in. I very much thank you for guiding me through this path.

Patrick Troisgros, Finland

Sabina has been an invaluable guiding light. Through her compassion, patience and ability to communicate at a higher level, she has helped me get a better understanding of my issues and make sense of difficult life incidents. In our very first session I was able to open up to her and release some of my bottled emotions after many months. There’s something very reassuring and comforting about her energy. I’m so glad to have found her.

Nitin Dani, India

Sabina offered me a beautiful and warming moment of openness to self love, tolerance and acceptance through messages from the Original Source that revealed and made me believe in my (sometimes forgotten) potential. I felt guided and empowered with love and support towards the emerging future ahead of me. I am so grateful for the experience.

Vania Magalhães, Portugal

I`m grateful for being part of the group and for the way Sabina facilitates it. It`s unique, different, like being on a beam of light. I like the way the group works, the connectedness, the program, and the created safe space. And I am grateful to Sabina for helping me making a step forward during the dark night of my soul.

Cordelia, Slovenia

It was very impressive to have a channeling session with Sabina. And how real the conversation turned into with the person she represented. For me, it was a breath of hope, joy, and reaffirmation of everything.

A. G. C, Spain

The session with Sabina was a true gift and helped me a lot to better understand and lovingly accept myself and my current situation. I experienced Sabina as a very empathic and sensitive person and felt very safe, comfortable and truly seen during the whole session. Thank you very much Sabina for your beautiful and powerful work.

Jan Hoffknecht, Germany

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