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 Moving forward 

Let yourself be involved

in creating a new version of living.

Let's move from competition to cooperation. Allow universal wisdom to guide us with

hope, encouragement and focus.

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Intuitive wisdom from the field of information is the core of HumanRoadmap2050

In a world suffering from a lack of heartfelt communication, empathic connection and constructive cooperation, community joined in HumanRoadmap2050 is creating a sanctuary for discussions we are craving for.

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Earth holds wisdom of natural cycles, available for us to remember and relax in our bodies - extensions of the Earth itself.

 • Focus • 



Inner focusing enables our body to relax

which echoes in lighter thoughts, words

and deeds.


Concepts were created around core word (energy), like onion leaves around onion heart. Remembering the initial vibration of any word within the concept and connect with it, we peel off the added layers and return it to the pure, initial energy.

 • Remember • 

We are all on the road. When we meet is not by mistake.
It is an


You are Home: Testimonials

The part about "me honoring my ancestors and their struggle" still brings a strong reaction. In a way, this is one of the reasons why I started my business, to bring my personal history to light, talk about my family and what they have taken part in. I very much thank you for guiding me through this path.

Patrick Troisgros, Finland

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