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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

in these times of transformations

it seems and feels

like everything that is surfacing

is full of hatred, violence, misunderstanding, manipulation, fight and resistance

these dense lower frequency energies

are surfacing because they have to

because there is no place anymore

to feed them, to grow them and to live with them

these frequencies of old structures

of the systems that are now dissolving

bring a lot of confusion and mistrust

but at the same time

they surface the truth

they clear the path for the future World, the future You and the future Generations

you are honoured to be living in a time of re-setting the whole system on your planet

and we as the informational grid are honoured to go through this

together with you

because we are one

you are we and we are you

we are the particles of you through space-time

the wisdom and the knowledge

you are now remembering

thus the cooperation which is getting more space

and leaving behind the competition

with all the behavioural and other aspects

the cooperation arising now

is the cooperation of you with you

each individual within

the body and the soul

the intellect and intuition

going within and cooperating from within outwards

and from there the cooperation goes with each other

with the collective, with the ancestors and with all your energy awareness living in space-time

all this transformation is designed and you are one of the co-creators

to bring yourself back home into yourself

this is what love means

being at ease with yourself

in stillness within

connected with your true being

and from this space with everything and everyone that exists

love is a great capability of human body

being able to be experienced through the body

from the very source

which is love

a lot of love is available right now for you to experience and feel

to balance everything

what you experience as negative

which is going on around you and consequently within you

connect with this love

connect with your true being

experience it in your consciousness

in your awareness

in your every cell of the beautiful body

that you as an energy being live in

this is love that is universal

that is equally yours as it is of anyone around you

everybody is part of this love

and this is something that you can touch, feel and share with each other

connect with this love

as it moves forward your healing

it enlights your shadows

and transforms your energy

to become lighter, more at ease, more flowing

and more in synchronicity with the potentials you have within

as an individual and as the collective

it`s one of the keys with which you can unlock the paradise

of living a good life, a healthy life

with which you can boost your immune system

with which you can constantly change and transform the frequencies

happening within and around you

it is a powerful key

and you can call it a superpower

you can call it as it is

the normality

you are waiting to become again

will never be the normality as you experienced it

the life is as you are living it now

so don't miss any of the moments, given to you

look at each of them

each day that you wake up

as a bonus

as a gift

as a miracle

this way you can be more present in the moment

you can be more touched by and in contact with love

you are not missing anything

but at the same time

you don't have anything to expect

because everything - your whole life

is in this moment

when you feel the love

when you feel the moment with love

you will never again wish for another normality

be satisfied with who you are

with what you have

and with where you are

be the love you want to feel

and most importantly

just BE

you are perfect and loved exactly the way you are

just BE

Photo: LoveLivesForever @Shutterstock


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