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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

you have chosen to live in an incredible house - your body

it protects and connects you with the outside world

and even though you think


about it`s imperfections

it is perfect for you

for your role here

you chose the right house - the right body

for your mission

the time you chose to live in

is a challenge for your body

the stress

that goes through your cells

emerging from the fear

stimulated through the collective

is enormous

you might be aware of some

though as with the iceberg

the majority lays beneath

to realise the iceberg beneath the surface

is an opportunity

for your body

your consciousness

for your whole being

it seems like the covid-19 virus

stimulates redefinition of your approach to

your health

the health of your loved ones

and the health of the whole health system

but the undercurrent is even stronger

it brings up your survival instincts

survival patterns

which stimulate your most hidden tips of the iceberg

and as with every fear

the question rises

how to trust again

how to trust in your innate ability of your body

to protect you from all viruses

to stay healthy

and to evoke the self-healing powers when needed

the question of trust in decisions

of your loved ones

in gaining the power to trust their destinies

and interfere only when invited

the trust in the health system

which seems to offer you one sole solution: to vaccinate

forgetting to bring forward

the knowledge of building your own immune system from within

ensuring to eat well

sleep calmly

relax enough

indulge your body with enough movement according to it`s choice

surround yourself with joyous, light and happy people

it`s time to connect with yourself

with the powers of your own perfect body

of the protection and shelter it offers

finding the peace within

and spreading it joyously with your surroundings

it is the time to take seriously only

what feels right

in your whole body

not just what your mind thinks it`s right

it`s time to re-wire your cells

to re-connect your brain and your heart

so the intellect and intuition can work together

it`s time to search for, find and activate

your inner




it`s time to become

who you truly are

to shine

your life purpose


with small everyday gestures

through smile




it`s time to trust again

trust comes from the connection

with yourself

with your community

with the collective

with the planet Earth

you are human

a human being

and you are allowed to search for your



and spread it around

it`s time

Photo: Modern Ballet Dancers @Wix


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