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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

we need you to start talking about fear with utmost respect

to reveal what hides beneath your personal fear

fear are parts of you

who crave for your respect and love

as scary as it feels when they start pouring out of you

they still are just parts of you

parts that wish to be seen, heard and touched by your loving energy

by your loving heart

understood by your loving mind

when fear flies in

take your time to just sit with it

and if you don`t recognize it at first

you might recognize your behaviour when it touches you

when you run around like a headless chicken

uncomfortable in your body

searching for something to

hold on

work on

distract yourself

the real peace that can calm down any fear

is stored within

it isn`t any vaccine,

any test,

obeying the rules set out from the collective fear

it isn`t any psychiatrist,

any healer,

any medicine

it isn`t any distraction like





or just filling your day with running from one errand to another

it`s nothing from the outside

that can bring peace to your fear

we understand that you might

fear wrapping your mind around this understanding

fear comprehending it with your whole body

but since fear is so collectively present

and so stimulated with different sorts of manipulation

we calm you:

they can only work until you embrace your fears

you accept who you are

and why you are here

the key is inside you

only you can unlock your fears

and by unlocking and freeing them

you contribute your part

to unlock and free collective fear

everything starts

and ends

with you

you are the divine

as the divine is within you

being connected with this feeling

with this wisdom

no fear can raise from your

or from outside you

to override this truth

the truth of who you are as a whole being

as consciousness living in your physical body

in the here and now

for eternity

and when you start unlocking your fears

one by one

when you start

seeing them

hearing them

feeling them

when you start transforming their scattered grey, thick energy

into what they aspire for:






you as a human being become lighter, joyful

your life becomes easier, flowing through your physical body

more lights like this you turn on inside of yourself

more sparkles can shine outwards to others

and start


but gracefully

and inevitably

soften and melt the surroundings

inside yourself,

your close community,

your environment,

and within the collective

this is the way forward

with what you have created

and is being purged


this is the way forward to recognize

what heaven is your life on Earth

what blessing is the planet you live on

and this is the way forward to establish

the new

which will serve human beings, humanity and the planet Earth

thank you for bringing your light forward

your smile

your peace

your humour

your love

thank you for being who you are

and exactly where you are in this moment of time

you are needed

and you have your role

it`s time to spark and shine

it`s time to connect with your inner light

it`s time to share it

spread it

virus it

all around

this is all bravery you need

and all the fears will be able to succumb

thank you

and godspeed

for the god

is in you

Photo by Matheus Viana @Unsplash

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