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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

surrender was needed to shake off

years of beliefs,

teachings and perceptions,

all of them limiting your very being

to a very small amount of expression

in comparison to who you fully are

surrendering in fullness

inevitably brings claiming your space in current systems

claiming by just being who you are in the surrender

not "working on it", not pushing it

by surrendering into who you are

you took the responsibility

to live in your full being

this is how the core energy of responsibility

free of all interpretations of human mind

looks, feels and is like

living your life in fullness

and sharing fullness with others

thus you take full responsibility for yourself and in all relations with others

thus you give and receive the most

each minute of each day becomes fully resonant with yourself and with others

and balance is being created synchronically and constantly

it is very important that humans become resonant with core energies of all concepts

your way of living in high resonance with the core energy of responsibility

will spread the wisdom of living into spaces and other beings

the resonance you are establishing with your own inner being

with who you truly are

radiates so powerfuly on your surroundings

that no other power is comperable to that

this is what responsibility means in it's core:

clean, primal energy

live your life fully

in resonance with your inner being

allow abundance to step your way

and experience a new taste of freedom

a taste of full responsibility in owning who you are

without "owning" it

just being immersed in your very being

just Being

we encourage and support you on this path

to become free and independent

from everything that isn't aligned with your Being

Be in your Being

Photo: Looking at the View @Unsplash


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